American Institute of Indian Studies

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American Institute of Indian Studies
American Institute of Indian Studies logo.png
Formation 1961
Type NGO
Headquarters University of Chicago
Philip Lutgendorf

The American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) is an institution founded in 1961 that promotes the advancement of knowledge about India in American colleges and universities.[1]


The headquarters of the AIIS are in the University of Chicago. The main center in India is at Gurgaon. The AIIS also has offices in New Delhi. Kolkata and Pune.[1] The institute is a member of the Council of American Overseas Research Centers. The AIIS is actively engaged in publishing the Encyclopaedia of Indian Temple Architecture, a multi-volume work. The Institute awards fellowships to research a broad range of India-related topics, and also gives fellowships to Indian creative and performance artists.[2]


The AIIS runs the Archive and Research Center for Ethnomusicology and the Center for Art and Archaeology at Gurgaon, both major research centers with large libraries and archives.[2] A collection of photographs from the AIIS forms the main component of the South Asia Art Archive at the University of Pennsylvania, established in 1979. The only other such collection is the AIIS collection at Gurgaon.[3]

The AIIS has partnered with ARTstor to share over 50,000 images of Indian art and architecture from the AIIS photo archive in a Digital Library. In all the archive contains about 140,000 photographs and slides of sculpture, numismatics, painting, manuscripts and miniature paintings. It also contains images, architectural drawings, and site plans of Buddhist, Jain, Hindu, and Islamic architecture.[4]


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