United States Protectorate over Cuba

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United States Protectorate over Cuba
Protectorate of the United States


Flag Great Seal
Granizo, Columbia
"Hail, Columbia"
Capital Havana
Languages Spanish, English
Government Provisional Government
 -  1898–1899 Adolfo Castellanos
 -  1899 John R. Brooke
 -  1899–1902 Leonard Wood
Historical era Modern Era
 -  Teller Amendment April 20, 1898
 -  Treaty of Paris December 10, 1899
 -  Platt Amendment March 2, 1901
 -  Independence declared May 20, 1902
Today part of  Cuba
 United States
Part of a series on the
History of Cuba
Coat of arms of Cuba.svg
New Spain
Captaincy General of Cuba
United States Protectorate
Republic of Cuba (1902–59)
Cuba portal
"American Cuba" redirects here. See also American occupations of Cuba and Guantanamo Bay.

The United States Protectorate over Cuba was a provisional American protectorate over Cuba that was established in the aftermath of the Spanish-American War in 1899 when Spain ceded Cuba to the United States.

This period was also referred to as the First Occupation of Cuba, to distinguish it from a second occupation from 1906 to 1909. United States Army forces involved in the garrisoning of the island during this time were subsequently honored with the Army of Cuban Occupation Medal after its establishment in 1915.

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