American Samoa national rugby league team

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Not to be confused with Samoa national rugby league team (formerly Western Samoa national rugby league team).
American Samoa
Badge of American Samoa team
Region Asia-Pacific
Home stadium Veterans Memorial Stadium
RLIF ranking 24th
First international
 Tonga 38–14 American Samoa 
(Apia, Samoa; 1988)
Biggest win
 New Caledonia 6–62 American Samoa 
(Auckland, New Zealand; 2004)
Biggest defeat
 Tonga 38–14 American Samoa 
(Apia, Samoa; 1988)

The American Samoa national rugby league team represents American Samoa at rugby league football and has been participating in international competition since 1988.


American Samoa has participated in:

Cabramatta International Nines Rugby League competition/ Sydney: (2008, 2013, 2015)

  • Pacific Cup (since 1988)
  • World Sevens (1996, 1997; entered the Qualification Tournament in 2003 and 2004) and the VB Sevens in 2005

International Results[edit]

Winning team given first

Pacific Cup 2004[edit]

  • Tonga 22-18 American Samoa (18 October 2004)
  • Cook Islands 28-12 American Samoa (20 October 2004)
  • American Samoa 62-6 New Caledonia (23 October 2004)

Pacific Cup 1998[edit]

Pacific Cup 1992[edit]

Pacific Cup 1988[edit]

Sevens Results[edit]

2005 VB Sevens[edit]

  • NZ Residents 24-8 American Samoa
  • Fiji A 18-16 American Samoa
  • American Samoa 32-16 Malta
  • Sydney Bulls 28-16 American Samoa

2004 World Sevens Qualifier[edit]

2003 World Sevens Qualifier[edit]

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