American Society of Lymphology

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The American Society of Lymphology (ASL) is a non-profit organization based in Kansas City, Missouri which provides current information and resources for professionals and patients interested in the healthy function and disorders of the lymphatic system, such as immune response, allergies, infectious disease and circulatory disorders lymphedema, relation to other systems of the body (integument, cardiac, venous, etc), anatomical structures and functions, cancers, and integrative therapies. It organizes resources, conferences and produces various publications.

The organization was created in 1999 as a result of numerous requests from physicians, healthcare professionals and patients for a resource for conditions that involved the lymphatic system.[citation needed] The initial efforts made by the organization led to major strides in the field of lymphedema. Currently, several other organizations have taken the lead in issues that were not addressed until the ASL moved forward.[citation needed]