American Strays

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American Strays
American Strays DVD Cover.jpg
DVD cover for 2000 collector's edition release.
Directed by Michael Covert
Produced by Frank Agrama
Trudi Callon
Rod Dean
Kirk Hassig
Doug Textor
Written by Michael Covert
Starring Luke Perry
Eric Roberts
Jennifer Tilly
Carol Kane
John Savage
Melora Walters
Scott Plank
Brion James
Music by John R. Graham
Release dates
  • September 13, 1996 (1996-09-13)
Running time
97 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office $1,910 (USA)[2]

American Strays is a 1996 American Comedy-Drama film which follows three interwoven stories of desert travelers as they converge on a small diner.


Red's Desert Diner Oasis, a dive in the middle of nowhere, becomes the focal point of three separate storylines. In the first, Dwayne (Savage), a homicidal vacuum cleaner salesman, may have met his match in Patty Mae (Tilly), a woman with an impressive collection of sweepers. The second story follows Johnny (Perry), a suicidal man who hires a sadistic hitman (Jones) to end his life anyway possible which includes beating the ever loving crap out of him. The third story follows an unemployed man (Roberts) and his family, two mobsters (Viterelli and Russo), and others as they travel across the emptiness of the American Southwest.


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