American Ultimate Disc League

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American Ultimate Disc League
Current season, competition or edition:
2013 American Ultimate Disc League season
American Ultimate Disc League Logo.gif
Sport Ultimate
Founded 2010
Inaugural season 2012
No. of teams 26
Country United States, Canada
Most recent champion(s) San Jose Spiders
Official website

The American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) is currently one of two semi-professional level ultimate leagues in the United States, the other being Major League Ultimate. It was founded by Josh Moore, and its inaugural season began in April 2012 with eight teams. Regular season games are played on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays during the months of April through July. The playoffs consist of division championships and culminate with a championship game in late July.


Player salaries are determined on a team by team basis. Generally, every player's travel and expenses are covered by the team in addition to any additional salary the team may provide. The team funding comes similar to other professional sports - sales of tickets, merchandise, concessions and sponsorship.[citation needed]

The first game ever was won by the Connecticut Constitution on April 14, 2012 over the Rhode Island Rampage by a score of 29 to 22, and the first goal was scored by Brent Anderson of the Constitution.[1] The first ever championship was on July 11, 2012 and was won by the Philadelphia Spinners by a score of 29 to 22 over the Indianapolis AlleyCats.

The AUDL Championship is played at a predetermined location that is selected before the season starts.[2]

In this first season, the league consisted of eight teams broken into the Eastern and Western conferences. Jonathan 'Goose' Helton of the AlleyCats was named league MVP for the inaugural season, while he, Evan Boucher, Cameron Brock, Rob Dulabon, Dave Hochholter, John Korber, and Jake Rainwater were named to the All-League Team.[citation needed]

For the 2013 season, the Indianapolis Alleycats and the Detroit Mechanix were the only teams from the 2012 season to remain in their cities, while the Bluegrass Revolution relocated from Lexington, KY to Cincinnati, OH.[3] Even with only three teams left, the league still managed to expand to twelve teams overall[4]

In 2014, the league hoped to expand to 23 Teams specifically in both the South and the West[5] but played the season with 17 teams.

In 2015, the league will add nine teams to reach a total of 26 teams. The additional expansion teams are located in Pittsburgh, Ottawa, Los Angeles, San Diego, Jacksonville, Nashville, Raleigh, Charlotte and Atlanta. Franchises were also purchased in Austin and Dallas (to be launched in 2016),[6] and Boston.[7] Finally, Orlando is rumored as a potential new franchise.


The AUDL features a number of rule changes from the traditional set of rules laid out and established by USA Ultimate. The most significant change is the addition of referees who make all calls on the field. The field area has been expanded to 53 13 yards wide and 80 yards long with 20 yard end zones (the same size as an American football field, but with the end zones taking up twice as much of the field as in American football). Moreover, rather than being played to a predetermined score, the games are timed and have four quarters of 12 minutes each with a 15-minute half time. If the score is tied, a five minute overtime period is played. If the score remains tied after overtime, a second overtime is played in which the first team to score wins. Other notable changes include a drop in the stall count from 10 seconds to 7, a five-yard penalty for traveling when catching the disc, and a turnover for traveling when throwing the disc.[8] There are also other infractions that result in 5-, 10-, or 20-yard penalties depending on the severity of the infraction.


Active teams[edit]

Former Teams[edit]


Year Date Champion Score Runner-Up Venue Location
2012 August 11, 2012 Philadelphia Spinners[18] 29-22 Indianapolis AlleyCats Pontiac Silverdome Pontiac, MI
2013 August 4, 2013 Toronto Rush[19] 16-14 Madison Radicals Lane Tech Stadium Chicago, IL[20]
2014[2] July 27, 2014 San Jose Spiders 28-18 Toronto Rush Varsity Stadium Toronto, ON


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