American Virgin (2009 film)

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American Virgin
American Virgin.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Clare Kilner
Produced by Lucas Jarach
Written by Jeff Seeman
Starring Rob Schneider
Jenna Dewan
Brianne Davis
Bo Burnham
Cinematography Oliver Curtis
Distributed by Echo Bridge Entertainment
Release dates
  • November 10, 2009 (2009-11-10) (United States)
Country United States
Language English

American Virgin (previously Virgin on Bourbon Street)[1] is a 2009 American comedy film directed by Clare Kilner, written by Jeff Seeman, and starring Brianne Davis and Jenna Dewan with appearances of Rob Schneider and Bo Burnham.


Priscilla is a college freshman girl on scholarship from an abstinence group that guards against sex before marriage. She inadvertently gets drunk at a party and is filmed topless by "Chicks Go Crazy" (a parody of Girls Gone Wild). After her actions on a night of debauchery are caught on camera, she and her friends travel across country to recover the incriminating footage.



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