American West Baseball League

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American West Baseball League
AWBL Logo.png
American West Baseball League logo
Sport Baseball
Founded 2012
No. of teams 2 (at time of folding)
Country USA
Ceased 2013
Last champion(s) None
Official website

American West Baseball League was a proposed independent professional league formed in 2012 and was to have played its inaugural season in 2014 with teams are located in Arizona and New Mexico. The league's initial C.E.O. was Michael Cummings and was since been succeeded by Sean Smock. The league officially ceased operations and disbanded in 2013 without even taking to the field.


This league was promoted to support the team members and their organizations within the league, provide an opportunity that ball players would be looked at by scouts and other leagues, all the while providing friendly family entertainment. Like the previous two leagues, the AWBL considered its level of play at the A level.[1]

In May of 2013, league founder and C.E.O. Michael Cummings abruptly resigned. He was succeeded by league commissioner Sean Smock. [2] The league officially ceased operations in 2013 when concerns about the league began to evolve.



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