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ICC Americas
Headquarters Toronto, Canada
17 members
Website iccamericas.com

ICC Americas, previously known as the Americas Cricket Association, is an international body which oversees cricket in countries in North and South America, and the Caribbean islands. It is a subordinate body to the International Cricket Council. The organisation currently has 17 members, located in North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, and is responsible for the development, promotion and administration of the game in the above regions.

The body is also responsible for the ICC Americas Championship, which is the premier international competition in the region, and allows teams to compete for World Cup qualification. The World Cup itself has only been held in the region on a single occasion, when the 2007 World Cup was hosted by the West Indies. The organisation is also responsible for hosting the ICC Americas Under-19 Championship, which fills a similar role in qualification for the Under-19 World Cup.

List of members[edit]

Associate members of the ICC are indicated with an asterisk (*), while the only full member, the West Indies, is indicated with a dagger (†). All other members are affiliate members of the ICC.


Full members[edit]

 West Indies

Associate members[edit]