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This article is about Amiga, Inc. (South Dakota). For other uses, see Amiga (disambiguation).
Amiga, Inc.
Founded 1997
Headquarters 600 N. Derby Lane, North Sioux City, South Dakota
Key people Jeff Schindler, Jim Collas, Tom Schmidt, Darreck Lisle, Marilyn Flint, Allan Havemose, Joe Torre, Kelly Newby
Products A1200, Power A5000, AmigaOS 4, AmigaOS 5
Employees 5

Amiga, Inc. was incorporated in South Dakota in 1997,[1] as a wholly owned subsidiary of Gateway 2000, Inc. (later renamed Gateway, Inc.) After acquiring from German ESCOM AG certain Amiga-related intellectual property assets in 1997, Gateway decided to keep the patents, and try to run Amiga, Inc. as a separate unit, which was originally intended develop two new operating systems, announced as "AmigaOS 4" and "AmigaOS 5".[2] Amiga, Inc. was initially led by Jeff Schindler, then by Jim Collas,[3] and later by Tom Schmidt.[4] Other employees included Darreck Lisle (event coordinator), Marylin Flint (operations manager), Joe Torre (senior engineer) and Kelly Newby (bookkeeper). Independent subcontractors who also briefly worked (without being hired) for Amiga, Inc. included William "Bill" McEwen and Barrie Jon "Fleecy" Moss.

In 1999, when Gateway decided to close Amiga, Inc., Bill McEwen and Fleecy Moss obtained from Gateway[5] the internet domain and a license to incorporate a new independent company, also named "Amiga, Inc.", but incorporated in the state of Washington. For Amiga, Inc. (Washington) and other companies named "Amiga, Inc." see Amiga (disambiguation).

Amiga, Inc. business card (1998)

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