Emine Mihrişah Sultan

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Emine Mîhr-i Şâh (Amina Mehr-î-Shâh) Sultân
İkinci Kadın Efendi[1]
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The burial place of "Amina Mehr-î-Shâh Second Kadın Efendi" is located inside the Yeni Mosque in Eminönü, Istanbul
Born Jeannette De Bazory
Died 1732
Ethnicity French
Religion Catholicism at birth, converted to Islam after her capture
Spouse(s) Ahmed III
Children Mustafa III
Şehzade Selim
Zeynep Sultan
Ümmügülsüm Sultan

Emine Mihrişah Sultan (Devletli, İsmetli, Emine Mihr-î-Shâh Sultân, Second Kadınefendi Hazretleri) née Jeannette (died 1732) was the French second concubine of Ottoman Sultan Ahmed III, and the mother of Mustafa III,[2][3] Şehzade Selim, Zeynep Sultan and Ümmügülsüm Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.


Emîne Mihr-î-Şâh[4] was born as Jeannette in France. However, she was never Valide Sultan to her son because she died in 1732, twenty-five years before Sultân Mustafa III's accession to the Ottoman throne.[5] Mehr-î-Shâh means "Sun" (lit. compassion, endearment, affection, and clemency) and "Sultân".

Her türbe[edit]

Her resting place of Emine Mihrişah is located at the türbe of Turhan Hatice Vâlide Sultâna inside the Yeni Mosque in Eminönü, Istanbul.

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