Amino acid permease

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Amino acid permease
Symbol AA_permease
Pfam PF00324
Pfam clan CL0062
InterPro IPR004841
TCDB 2.A.3
OPM superfamily 67
OPM protein 3gia

Amino acid permeases are membrane permeases involved in the transport of amino acids into the cell. A number of such proteins have been found to be evolutionary related.[1][2][3] These proteins contain 12 transmembrane segments.

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Human proteins containing this domain[edit]

CIP1; SLC12A1; SLC12A2; SLC12A3; SLC12A4; SLC12A5; SLC12A6; SLC12A7; SLC12A8; SLC12A9; SLC7A1; SLC7A10; SLC7A11; SLC7A13; SLC7A14; SLC7A2; SLC7A3; SLC7A4; SLC7A5; SLC7A6; SLC7A7; SLC7A8; SLC7A9;


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