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Aminta Elena Granera Sacasa
Aminta Granera (cropped).jpg
Director General of the National Police of Nicaragua
In office
September 5, 2011 – September 5, 2016
Preceded by Herself Director General of the National Police of Nicaragua)
Director General of the National Police of Nicaragua
In office
September 5, 2006 – September 5, 2011
Preceded by Edwin Castro Ardila
Succeeded by Herself Director General of the National Police of Nicaragua)
Personal details
Born (1952-09-18) 18 September 1952 (age 62)
León, Nicaragua

Aminta Elena Granera Sacasa is the Director General of the National Police of Nicaragua.

She was born on September 18, 1952, in a very rich family of Leon. She is the oldest of five brothers and sisters. She had a very privileged childhood.


- Degree in Sociology, Philosophy and Theology.

- Graduate: Business Management at the University Thomas More.

- Graduated with honors from Academy "Walter Mendoza" (2000).

- Study nun in Guatemala, was a novice of the Sisters of the Assumption

Public Office[edit]

- Head of Information and analysis of Home Office during the 10 years of the Sandinista government.

- After losing the elections, the Sandinista Front in 1990, she became Head of the Secretariat General of the Police Department.

- Director General of the National Police of Nicaragua from the September 5, 2006 to date.[1]

Political History[edit]

From a very young age, Aminta was raised with Christian values in the Assumption College. It was when she was 11 years, she was shocked by the eruption of the Cerro Negro volcano. Her family moved to Diriamba to the home of her grandparents, but she stood looking at the needs of the poor and with a group of friends, got together to organize the evacuation of the population. She said, was the first contact with the reality that poor people lived. This began to awaken in her a strong social conscience and commitment to God and the poor. Her family sent her to study philosophy at Washington, and it was there that she decided to become a nun, entering into contact in Guatemala with the provincial center of the Assumption.

According Granera those years in the novitiate "were the happiest," allowed her to study theology, philosophy and work with the Indians of Guatemala and it was there where she had the first contact with the Guerrilla Army and began working with the Jesuits. Then, ill with typhoid fever, anemia, she was moved by the nuns to a school for rich girls, and it was thre on the June 23, 1976 that she left the congregation and returned to Nicaragua and join the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) and Christian groups working with revolutionaries of the urban structure. During the 10 years of Sandinista government she worked in the Ministry of Interior, after losing the elections in 1990, she went to the ranks of the police.

Personal Information[edit]

She married in 1980 with a renowned economist who has three children (two girls and a boy). Her husband helps in the housework and with children.


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