Amiriyah Fallujah

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(33°09′55″N 43°51′56″E / 33.165289°N 43.86549°E / 33.165289; 43.86549[1]}
Landscape of southern city of Amiriyah - Al-Fares Neighborhood

Al-Amiriyah or Amiriyah Fallujah, Arabic: العامريةal-ʻāmiriyyah (also Ameriyah, Amiriyyah, Ameriya and the like), is a city in the Al Anbar province, about 30 km south of Fallujah. Ameriyah residents belong mostly to the Albu Issa subtribe, part of the Dulaim tribe.

The city was named Amiriyah Fallujah after the occupation of Iraq because of huge number of displaced persons from the city of Fallujah, with a total population of 110 thousand people.

During the American war on Iraq the city witnessed violent clashes such as those seen in the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi as well as explosions and car bombs with chlorine, but in the end in 2007 the Anbar police took over on the city.