Amor Sin Tiempo

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Amor Sin Tiempo
Studio album by Sasha Sökol
Released 24 December 1992 (original)
23 February 1993 (reiussed)
Recorded 1991-1992
Genre Latin Pop
Label Sony Music
Sasha Sökol chronology
Siento (Sasha Sokol album)
Amor Sin Tiempo
11:11 (Sasha Sokol album)
Singles from Amor Sin Tiempo
  1. "Número Uno"
  2. "Pica y Repica"
  3. "Dímelo"
  4. "Piénsame Sola"
  5. "?"

Amor Sin Tiempo is the fourth album by Sasha Sökol, released in 1992. After the success of Siento, this new record came soon, including new sounds but the promotion was poor in comparison with the last albums besides Sasha removed of public eye because of her drug addictions.

  1. "Número uno"
  2. "Piénsame sola"
  3. "Pica y repica" (Cecilia Enghart, Papo Geli) 4:13
  4. "Amor sin tiempo"
  5. "No te vale"
  6. "Todo o nada"
  7. "Pulso"
  8. "Me ganaste bien"
  9. "Dímelo" (Ilan Chester) 3:50
  10. "No pagaré"