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Amorfon is a Japanese experimental music record label, located in Tokyo. Founded in 2004 by Yoshio Machida. Amorfon releases experimental and avant-garde music from all genres - from Electronica to World music.

Amorfon Releases[edit]

amorfon001 Fitz Ellarald : The very air seems replete with humming and buzzing melodies (CD, 2004)
amorfon002 Yoshio Machida : Infinite Flowers (CD, 2004)
amorfon003 Činč : Shine of Wot? (CD, 2004)
amorfon004 V.A. : *Music for Baby! (CD, 2004)
amorfon005 V.A. : Kindermusik: Improvised Music by Babies (CD, 2005)
amorfon006 Yoshio Machida : Naada (CD, 2006)
amorfon007 Horkeskart : Live in Solitude (CD, 2006)
amorfon008 Činč : Polyphonic Poetry (CD, 2006)
amorfon009 Walk With The Penguin : Steal A Spoon For You (CD, 2007)
amorfon010 Gene Bowen : Bourgeois Magnetic (CD, 2007)


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