Amparo Arozamena

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Amparo Arozamena
Born María del Ámparo Arozamena Sánchez
August 24, 1916
Mexico City, Mexico
Died April 30, 2009(2009-04-30) (aged 92)
Mexico City, Mexico
Other names Amparito Arozamena
Years active 1929–2004

Amparo Arozamena (August 24, 1916 – April 30, 2009) was a Mexican actress of film and television, best known for her character roles in the 1960s. During the same decade, she became most noted for her role of "Doña Chole" in the Telesistema Mexicano sitcom Los Beverly de Peralvillo (1968–1973). Arozamena had been acting since her early teens and had her first feature film released at the age of thirteen.


Born as María del Ámparo Arozamena Sánchez in Mexico City, she was the daughter of Eduardo Arozamena, a popular character actor from the variety stage. Her family has artistic background and successful performing careers. Although she began her career during her early teens in the silent era, she wasn't well known until she played character roles in comedy films during the 1960s.


She died on April 30, 2009, aged 92, from a heart attack and old age. She had lived with her niece Marisa Arozamena.[1] At the time of her death, Arozamena was one of the few surviving silent film actors, having appeared in the 1929 silent movie, La calle del ensueño. [2]


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