Amphilochius of Pochayiv

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Amphilochius of Pochayiv
Portrait of Saint Amphilochius
Born (1894-11-27)27 November 1894
Malaya Ilovitsa
Died 1 January 1971(1971-01-01) (aged 76)
Honored in
Ukrainian Orthodox Church
Canonized 11 May 2002

Saint Amphilochius (1894–1971) (Ukrainian: Амфілохій Почаївський) was a 20th-century Ukrainian Orthodox saint, from Ternopil oblast of western Ukraine.

Early years[edit]

Amphilochius of Pochayiv was born Yakov Varnavovich Golovatyuk on 27 November 1894[1] in the village of Mala Ilovytsya (Mala Ilowica in Polish), in Shumskyi raion of Ternopil oblast in western Ukraine, at that time part of Austria-Hungary. The village of Mala Ilovytsya is located in the Ilovetska valley, which is 7 km (4 mi) wide, and is surrounded by the Kremenets mountains. It is the northernmost village of Ternopil oblast, off the main roads and surrounded by forested areas. A remarkable tree grows in the village, a 350-year-old ash tree.

Yakov was one of 10 children. His father, Varnava, was an able craftsman, and experienced bone-setter. Yakov often assisted his father in caring for people who came for help.[1]

In 1912 he was drafted into the army of the Tsar. During the First World War he served in Lutsk and then in Tomsk, where he was a medical attendant at the hospital. Later he was posted to the front where a number of his best friends perished, and he was captured as a prisoner of war by the Austrians,[1] though he later managed to flee.

Joining Pochayiv Lavra[edit]

Having returned home, he intended to marry but the priest blessed him and told him to join Pochayiv monastery. Yakiv humbly accepted and went to the Uspens’ka (Dormition) Lavra in Pochayiv in 1925. He performed all his duties with love of labour and humbleness and in 1932 he was tonsured a monk through postryh (clipping of hair ceremony) and took the name Joseph (Yosyp in Ukrainian). Since then Pochayiv Lavra became home to the monk where he spent some 20 years. He spent much time praying in front of the miraculous icons of Pochayiv. He was appointed the caretaker of the God’s Mother’s Foot. God’s Mother’s Foot is a rock footprint left after apparition of Virgin Mary in Pochayiv around 1240. The ArchimandriteAbbot of the monastery of the lavra blessed Hieromonk Joseph in this work and allowed him to settle near the cemetery of the monastery. There the venerable Amphilochius spent 20 years in prayers day and night.


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