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In Greek mythology, Amphinomus, also Amphínomos (Ἀμφίνομος; literally "grazing all about"), was the son of King Nisos and one of the suitors of Penelope that was killed by Telemachus. Amphinomus was considered the best-behaved of the suitors. Despite Odysseus's warning, he was compelled by Athena to stay, as he had been a suitor nonetheless. He was killed by a spear thrown by Telemachus during the murder of the suitors; ironically, Amphinomous had twice tried to dissuade the suitors from killing him.

In other books Amphinomus heeds Odysseus' warning when he has a vision that the halls were filled with blood. He ran just in time out of the hallway before the slaughtering of the suitors begin.


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