Mueang Chiang Mai District

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Mueang Chiang Mai
Amphoe location in Chiang Mai Province
Amphoe location in Chiang Mai Province
Coordinates: 18°47′25″N 98°59′4″E / 18.79028°N 98.98444°E / 18.79028; 98.98444Coordinates: 18°47′25″N 98°59′4″E / 18.79028°N 98.98444°E / 18.79028; 98.98444
Country  Thailand
Province Chiang Mai
 • Total 152.4 km2 (58.8 sq mi)
Population (2005)
 • Total 242,974
 • Density 1,594.3/km2 (4,129/sq mi)
Time zone THA (UTC+7)
Postal code 50000
Geocode 5001

Mueang Chiang Mai (Thai: เมืองเชียงใหม่) is the capital district (amphoe mueang) of Chiang Mai Province in northern Thailand. The district contains the city of Chiang Mai.


The area of Mueang Chiang Mai district was the central part of the Lanna Kingdom, named Nopphaburi Si Nakhon Phing Chiang Mai. King Mengrai the Great was the first king of the Mengrai dynasty, who established the city.

The government created Mueang Chiang Mai district in 1899. The first district office was opened in 1929, on the west side of the old city hall of Chiang Mai. A new district office was opened in August 1989.


Neighboring districts are (from the north clockwise) Mae Rim, San Sai, San Kamphaeng, Saraphi and Hang Dong.

The main river through the district is the Ping River.


The district is subdivided into 16 subdistricts (tambon), which are further subdivided into 77 villages (muban). The city (thesaban nakhon) Chiang Mai covers the tambon Si Phum, Phra Sing, Haiya, Chiang Moi, Chang Khlan, Wat Ket and Pa Tan, and parts of the tambon Chang Phueak, Suthep, Pa Daet, Nong Hoi, Tha Sala, Nong Pa Khrang and Fa Ham. There are further 3 townships (thesaban tambon) - Chang Phueak covers parts of the tambon Chang Phueak, and Mae Hia and Tha Sala the whole same-named tambon. There are further 6 Tambon administrative organizations (TAO).

No. Name Thai name Villages Inh.
1. Si Phum ศรีภูมิ - 17,162
2. Phra Sing พระสิงห์ - 8,616
3. Haiya หายยา - 14,818
4. Chang Moi ช้างม่อย - 9,528
5. Chang Khlan ช้างคลาน - 15,368
6. Wat Ket วัดเกต - 24,094
7. Chang Phueak ช้างเผือก 5 27,421
8. Suthep สุเทพ 15 36,952
9. Mae Hia แม่เหียะ 10 15,656
10. Pa Daet ป่าแดด 13 15,931
11. Nong Hoi หนองหอย 6 13,144
12. Tha Sala ท่าศาลา 5 11,347
13. Nong Pa Khrang หนองป่าครั่ง 7 8,423
14. Fa Ham ฟ้าฮ่าม 7 7,193
15. Pa Tan ป่าตัน - 8,855
16. San Phi Suea สันผีเสื้อ 9 8,466