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Native name Amplify
Romanized name Amplify
Type Private
Industry Education
Predecessor(s) Wireless Generation
Founded New York (2012 (2012))

55 Washington Street Suite 900

Brooklyn, NY 11201-1071
Key people
Products Amplify Tablet
Parent News corp

Amplify Education is an education division of News Corp launched in July 2012. Amplify is divided into three divisions: Insight, Learning, and Access. Insight was formed out of Wireless Generation, the educational company bought by News Corp in 2010, and focuses on analytics. Learning is developing a curriculum based on the Common Core State Standards. Access focuses on hardware for students and teachers.[1]

Amplify Insight[edit]

The Insight division creates assessment products for K-12 Schools. Products are available for Math and ELA, Pre-K to 12th Grade.

Amplify Learning [edit]

The learning division creates digital curriculum for K-12th Grade for ELA, Math, and Science.

Amplify Access[edit]

Main article: Amplify Tablet

In March 2013, Amplify's Access division launched the Amplify Tablet, a customized Asus Android tablet with a suite of subscription-based software, offering education-oriented features and apps designed to enhance primary school learning environments.[2][3][4]


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