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Amsterdam Trade Bank N.V.
Type Subsidiary
Industry Financial services
Founded 1994
Headquarters Amsterdam, Netherlands
Key people Pavel Gorbatsevich
Revenue Increase 103.1 million (2010)
Operating income Increase €32.8 million (2010)
Net income Increase €8.16 million (2010)
Employees 200 (2014)
Parent Alfa-Bank

Amsterdam Trade Bank is a Russian commercial bank registered in The Netherlands, which is 100%-owned by the Russian Alfa-Bank since March 2001.

The company was founded in 1994 as Stolichny Bank International, a subsidiary of the Russian SBS-AGRO Bank, to provide trade financing for companies wishing to do business in Russia and former Soviet states.


ATB is a subsidiary of Russian private investment consortium Alfa Group, controlled throughout directly by Alfa-Bank Russia.

Corporate governance[edit]

Acting directors of ATB in 2014 are:

  • Pavel Gorbatsevich – CEO
  • Henny te Beest – CFO
  • Vacant since June – CCO
  • Peter Ullman - CRO

There are also a number of non-acting directors.


ATB is supervised by De Nederlandsche Bank and Central Bank of Russia.

Business activity[edit]

Commercial representative for ATB is Ekaterina Kouznetsova.

As a commercial bank, ATB is quite active in documentary credits, guarantees and other trade finance services for European business clients, especially participating in East-West European Business Relationship. The Manager of Documentary Operations Services is Elena Zotkina.

ATB is also active and well established in FI relationship, under Inna Akopdzhanova.


As an international bank, ATB employs about 200 people of mostly Dutch, but also Ukrainian, Russian, German, French and English origin.


The official spokesperson for ATB is Ira Boven; she is also the PA and Aid for CEO.


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