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Amungus is a musical group consisting of Robby Takac (of American rock band Goo Goo Dolls) and Brian Schulmeister (co-founder of Slender Fungus Multimedia, a multimedia design company). The AMUNGUS EP features several musicians, singers, and emcees, including the debut of singers Alex Kelly, Ali Critelli, Reginoff, Milky D, Nikki Hicks, Wise Mecca, and Kim Monroe, as well as collaborations with Karl Wallinger (World Party, The Waterboys) and The Lady Tigra (L'Trimm).

Amungus began in 2003, when Takak and Schulmeister discovered their shared interests in diverse aspects of making music, including laptop-based music production methods. They exchanged audio files and ideas via email, with these gradually shaping into songs. The pair considers their sounds to be reminiscent of the such artists as Basement Jaxx, Chemical Brothers, Prince, and LCD Soundsystem.

The pair released their debut EP on November 4, 2008. A special version of the EP will be available for download from Good Charamel Records ( and will include a bonus track, the DC Mix of "Man Up".

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