Amy Elizabeth du Pont

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Amy Elizabeth du Pont
Born August 7, 1880
Wilmington, Delaware,
United States
Died February 16, 1962
Montecito, California,
United States
Cause of death
Residence Montecito, California
Occupation Heiress, philanthropist
Parents Eugene du Pont & Amelia Elizabeth du Pont

Amy Elizabeth du Pont (August 7, 1880 – February 16, 1962) was a prominent member of the Du Pont family of American industrialists.[1]


She was born on August 7, 1880.

Known as "Miss Amy", she was the youngest daughter of Eugene du Pont; she never married. She served on the University of Delaware Board of Trustees' Advisory Committee on the Women's College from 1939–1944 and founded the Unidel Foundation, a private charitable organization whose mission is to support the work of the University of Delaware. Without any children, Amy willed much of her inheritance to the Unidel Foundation, including DuPont and Hercules Inc. stock valued at some $25 million at her death.[2][3] A building at the University is named in her honor. It houses the department of music.[4]

An ardent horsewoman, in 1954 Amy du Pont was injured in a fall from a horse that restricted her activities. She died on February 16, 1962 at age 81, following a stroke at her home in Montecito, California.[5][1]

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