Amy Mastura

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Amy Mastura
Born Amy Mastura Bte Suhaimi
(1971-05-10) 10 May 1971 (age 44)
Perak, Malaysia

Amy Mastura (born 10 May 1971) is a Malaysian actress and singer who is known for her romantic comedy film roles and contributions to the local pop music industry.

Mastura's entertainment career began in the music industry, following her performance at the 1993 Asia bagus talent show in Japan. Her debut studio album was released the following year, and she won the 1995 Penyanyi Wanita Popular (Popular Female Artiste) award. Of her studio albums, the most popular are Amy Mastura and Pujaanku, both of which were certified Double Platinum, and Puteri, which was certified Platinum. Mastura also performed a duet with American pop singer Tommy Page, titled The Best Part. Her Bintang Hati single garnered her another award, this time as the Best Pop Rock Song in 2000 Juara Lagu awards.

Mastura first ventured into the film industry in 1994 with the film Kuala Lumpur Universiti few months before her debut album released, but she gained prominence in 1996's Tragedi Oktober, which was a local hit. She gained another hit the following year with Aziz M. Osman's Puteri Impian, a highly acclaimed romantic comedy for which she portrays Nora Mat Jidin, a factory girl who likes to dream and then later to join the reality TV to pursue her dream to be a princess. Through the film, he has won the best actress award at the Malaysia Film Festival in 1999. She then once again nominated for best actress for her dual-role comedic performance as well as receive another nomination for best original story for her works with Aziz in Bintang Hati (2004). She is now actively appears in local television dramas playing both comedy and dramatic roles.

In early March 2011, Mastura became the new ambassador for Kose, a Japanese cosmetic line. She became the first Malay woman to be the ambassador for Kose.[1]


Year Title
1995 Kuala Lumpur Universiti
1996 Impian
1997 Tragedi Oktober
1997 Puteri Impian
1998 Puteri Impian 2
2000 Senario The Movie
2000 Siti Di Alam Fantasi
2001 Toll Gate Girl
2002 Spanar Jaya Gong Xi
2004 Trauma
2004 Bintang Hati
2004 Cinta 3 Musim
2006 Cinta Q
2010 Damping Malam

Studio albums[edit]

Year Title
1994 Amy Mastura
1996 Pujaanku
1997 Puteri
1998 Puteri Impian II
2000 Bintang Hati
2002 Akan Datang
2005 Lebih Baik
2009 Happy


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