Amy Stiller's Breast

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Amy Stiller's Breast
Directed by Becky Neiman
Written by Henry Joseph
Becky Neiman
Amy Stiller
Starring Amy Stiller
Release dates
  • 2000 (2000)
Country United States
Language English

Amy Stiller's Breast is a 2000 short comedy film starring Amy Stiller as herself, and featuring her parents Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara as themselves. It was directed by Becky Neiman and written by Henry Joseph, Becky Neiman, and Amy Stiller. Produced by Henry Joseph.


Amy Stiller plays herself as an aspiring actress in Hollywood. Although being born into a famous family, she cannot seem to get a decent acting job. One day she is trying on a bra in a department store and realizes that an image of the Madonna has appeared on her left breast.[1]


In 2000, the Grand Jury Prize for Best Short Film was awarded to Becky Neiman for her work.


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