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An Xiao Mina is an American social media artist.


In 2009, she started the Brooklyn Museum's Twitter commission, 1stfans, with a project involving Morse code.[1] It was the first socially networked membership for a museum.[2] She also founded @Platea, a global social media art collective that has exhibited and performed throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Australia and Western Europe.[3] An Xiao Mina grew up in Los Angeles and Manila, and has also lived in New York.[4]

She was listed in The Guardian's "who's who" of the Twitter art world in 2009.[5] She has written about social media art for the New York Foundation for the Arts,[6] and as a columnist for Art:21's Art 2.1: Creating on the Social Web,[7] which she started. She also wrote an influential essay on social media art for Hrag Vartanian's Hyperallergic.[8]


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