Ana Casares

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Ana Casares
Born Ana Urman
Died March 13, 2007
Buenos Aires
Years active 1951–1980

Ana Casares (born 1930 in Stanisławów, Poland died March 13, 2007, Buenos Aires) was a Polish-Argentine film actress. She starred in 30 films between 1951 and 1980.

In 1933 with her parents moved to Argentina. She studied acting skills at Heddy Krill. Since 1952 - on the stage. Since 1951, in the Argentine cinema. Roman made her debut in 1951 in the Juan Carlos Thorry film El Complejo de Felipe and in 1962 appeared in Buscando a Mónica. Since 1962, filmed in Europe, mainly in Spain. Played at theaters in Madrid. At the beginning of the 70s returned to Buenos Aires, where she continued her acting career. After 1980 left the cinema and theatre. Ana Cazares was called the Argentine "Brigitte Bardot".

She died aged 77 and is buried in the cemetery of La Tablada in Buenos Aires.

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