Anal Gestapo

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Anal Gestapo
Anal Gestapo live
Background information
Origin Serbia
Genres Heavy metal
Hard rock
Years active 2005–present
Members Razor Pain - vocals
Al Allah (a.k.a. The Noodle Man) - vocals
OrfeAss - guitar
Skin Lion - guitar
Cobra Kan - bass
Iron Mladen - drums

Anal Gestapo (sometimes credited as Nazipenis) is a Serbian tribute band to a Norwegian band Turbonegro. They were formed by members of a cover band Radio London. After their show at the Turbojugend Novi Sad party on May 25, 2006, a local newspaper [1] considered them as "the best Turbonegro tribute band in the world".

Apart from Turbonegro songs, their live set at times includes covers of Sex Pistols, Demolition 23., The Diamond Dogs, Neurotic Outsiders, and Dead Boys.


Nazipenis ad

The name of the band is Anal Gestapo, yet the band itself has been booked and advertised as Nazipenis occasionally. Despite of that, the band has never appeared on stage under the name Nazipenis, leaving their announcer to explain to the audience "that Nazipenis has canceled the gig, and that another band, Anal Gestapo, has been booked instead".

The band sometimes intentionally deceives the public into believing that they come from Nagorno-Karabakh, by stating that on concert posters.

Band members[edit]


Jugendtag concert poster
  • Razor Pain - vocals
  • Al Allah (sometimes credited as The Noodle Man) - vocals
  • OrfeAss - guitar
  • Skin Lion - guitar
  • Cobra Kan - bass
  • Iron Mladen - drums


Concert/Documentary DVD video

  • (2006) No Sleep Till Jugendtag

DVD concert release recorded on May 25, 2006 at Gradiliste, Novi Sad. Limited edition of the DVD includes additional extras.


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