Analog Pussy

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Analog Pussy
Origin Israel
Genres Trance
Psy trance
Goa trance
Years active 1997–present
Labels Analog Pussy Records
Members Jiga

Analog Pussy ( in Hebrew: אנאלוג פוסי ) is a psychedelic trance group that originated in Israel, now located in Germany.[1] The group consists of Jiga, Jinno and (since 2011) Eva.


Jiga was born in Jerusalem. At age 15 she learned to play a bass guitar and played in punk bands.[2] She bought a $50 synthesizer and a computer and began producing on her own.

Jinno was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and moved to Israel in his early childhood. In his teens he experimented with electronic music when he connected several synthesizers together.

The two met when Jiga broke away from the punk/metal genre and was interested in electronic music and in 1997 formed Analog Pussy.

Eva joined the band in 2011, after the band took a four-year break and performs with Jiga in Analog Pussy's live performances. [3]


Jinno and Jiga built a studio in their living room where they produced their first tracks. They made their music available for free on the internet and gained a fan-base.[4] Later on, when they headlined the Electronic charts on, their music was downloaded over one million times. [5]

In 1999, coming back from their first European tour, they signed with a German label and released their first album, "Psycho Bitch From Hell". Never hiring a manager, they took care of the band's operations themselves, spending the money they earned on building their studio. In 2002 they relocated to Germany and launched their own record label "AP Records", whose first release was their second album, "Underground".[6]

In mid-2004 they released their third album "Trance 'N Roll". The songs feature live instruments, hard rock guitar riffs and vocals. [7]

Analog Pussy Live in Austria.
Analog Pussy Live in Austria.



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