Analysis of Chinese Macroeconomy

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Analysis of Chinese Macroeconomy
Dr. Zhang at Zhongnanhai for China’s top policy-making in the 1980s
Author Fengbo Zhang
Country United States
Language English
Subject Macroeconomics, China, Economics
Publisher Xlibris
Published in English
Pages 302
ISBN 978-1-4363-3925-4, 978-1-436339247
OCLC 286351239

Analysis of Chinese Macroeconomy (中国宏观经济分析) is a book written by Fengbo Zhang, a Chinese economist.


The first edition was published in Chinese by People's Press. [1] the first place winner of the annual Chinese National Book Award in 1987. [2] It has been used as a key textbook for major Chinese universities and government training.[3]

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