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Anand Mohan Singh is a politician from the village of Panchgachiya, district Saharsa, Bihar, India. He belongs to Tomar Rajput clan. He is the founder of the Bihar People's Party


Shri Anand Mohan Singh rose to fame with the Jayprakash Narayan movement in 1978 as a young 17yr old leader.He became an MLA under the mentorship of former prim minister of India late Chandrashekhar Singh.He later founded the party Samajwadi Krantikari sena which was later changed to Bihar People's party in 1993.Mr.Later helped his wife become MP form vaishali parliamentary constituency in a historic by-elections in 1994 as a candidate of BPP and ensured her victory. Riding high on this success his singh's party contested for the state election from all the constituency and marginally lost in all it's believed that the election was rigged by the then ruling party.Later He was elected to the Lok Sabha from the Sheohar constituency in 1996 and 1998. Anand Mohan is one of the leading social movers in North India. He has been actively involved in politics of Bihar and Jharkhand, and also had influences in politics of other states. He was once seen as the next Chief Minister of Bihar(and then Jharkhand) when immense amount of bribery in the booth capturing zone by his rivals made him loose the election in around 1999. He however still continued to struggle despite all odds.

He is currently charged for the case of an IAS officer's death. It is said that Anand Mohan must have provoked the mob to beat the IAS officer.The police reports say that Singh "exhorted his followers to lynch the official (G. Krishnaigh)" but the flaws in the report itself shows that both he and his wife couldn't have done so. It keeps you wondering that how on earth is it possible for someone to control a mob of thousands, who have come to witness a 'funeral procession', and tell them what to do, that too without a 'mic or a speaker'.The FIR also was written with the help of a 'FAX' for the first and the only time in india , there were 'no CBI inquiries' done in-spite of the appeal done in the parliament by Mrs. Anand herself, and the convicts were arrested in hajipur district while they were on their way to patna. The FIR also does not reads that the IAS officer was shot , whereas the postmortem report reads that the victim was shot in the head and there have been no tarces of him being beaten up by a mob.

its quite ironic that a person gets life-imprisonment and death sentance on the bases of such a weak a baseless case, this case has been a prime example of the POWER POLITICS of bihar...Ruining two families, both of the IAS G. Krishnaigh and Anand Mohan Singh, the unsung hero of bihar who has always been in oposition inspite of the oportunities he got , so that justice brightens the lives of poor and the inocent people .. but today he wants the justice to shine upon him n his family . Anand Mohan later authored several books and poems while he was held captive in Saharsa jail. In January 2012, he released a book of poems entitled Qaid mein Azad Kalam, which was inaugurated by Jaswant Singh, Bhim Singh, Rajeev Pratap Rudy and other eminent personalities. One of the poems is called Gumnaam naa Marunga. [1]