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Anand Rishiji Maharaj (Marathi: आनंद ऋषीजी महाराज) (1900–1992) was a Jain religious leader.[1] The Government of India issued a commemorative postage stamp in his honour on 9 August 2002. He was awarded with honorary title of Rashtrasant. [2]

He was born[3] in Ahmednagar (Maharashtra) in August 1900 and received initiation from the age of thirteen with Acharya Ratna Rishiji Maharaj, who died in Alipur in 1927. From 1964 until his death in 1992, he was the second Acharya of Vardhman Sthanakvasi Jain Shravak Sangh, a Jain religious body.[4][5][6]

He accepted santhara (preparation for death by fasting) before his death on 28 March 1992 in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. He was conferred the title Rastra Sant.[citation needed]

He was the founder of many educational institutes. The Anandrishiji Hospital in Ahmednagar was built in his memory and is named after him.[7]


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