Anand Vihar metro station

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Anand Vihar
आनन्द विहार
Delhi Metro station
Anand Vihar station of the Delhi Metro.JPG
Coordinates 28°38′50″N 77°18′58″E / 28.647328°N 77.316091°E / 28.647328; 77.316091
Structure type Elevated
Opened 6 January 2010
Preceding station   Delhi Metro   Following station
toward Vaishali
Blue Line
Anand Vihar
toward Yamuna Bank

Anand Vihar (Hindi: आनन्द विहार) is an elevated metro station located on the branch line of the Blue Line of the Delhi Metro.[1] The station is located in the Anand Vihar locality, a major connectivity hub of East Delhi and is connected to the Anand Vihar ISBT and Anand Vihar Railway Terminal.

Phase III[edit]

Under Phase III, Anand Vihar will become an interchange station with the Inner Ring Road line. From here, passengers will find easier connection to other lines as well as places such as Yamuna Vihar and Mukundpur which currently do not have metro access.


The station is located close to Anand Vihar ISBT, providing a convenient transit to different regions. Buses to long distant cities are available from there.


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