Ananda Sastralaya, Kotte

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Ananda Sastralaya
Kotte, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Coordinates 6°52′58″N 79°54′08″E / 6.88278°N 79.90222°E / 6.88278; 79.90222Coordinates: 6°52′58″N 79°54′08″E / 6.88278°N 79.90222°E / 6.88278; 79.90222
Type National
Motto "අපපමතතා නමීයන්තී"
Appamaththa Namiyanthi
(Buddhist quote from the Apramadha

Vagga in the Dhammapada.
Meaning: "Early man never die.")

Established 1893
Principal Unknown
Grades Class 1 - 13
Gender Boys
Color(s) Purple and yellow        
Affiliation Buddhist

Ananda Sastralaya is a public school located in the city of Kotte, Sri Lanka. It provides primary and secondary education.



The students of the Ananda Sastralaya are divided into four houses. These are:

  • Paravi
  • Kokila
  • Thisara
  • Mayura

An athletic tournament among these houses is held once a year at the beginning of the first term.

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