Anari (1993 film)

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Anari (1993 film).jpg
Directed by K. Muralimohana Rao
Produced by D. Rama Naidu
Written by P. Vasu
Starring Daggubati Venkatesh
Karisma Kapoor
Raakhee Gulzar
Suresh Oberoi
Music by Anand - Milind
Distributed by Yash Raj Films
Release date(s)
  • 22 September 1993 (1993-09-22)
Running time 180 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi

Anari is 1993 Hindi film directed by K. Muralimohana Rao and starring Karishma Kapoor, Venkatesh, Suresh Oberoi. This film is a remake of 1991 Tamil film Chinna Thambi. It was also remade in Kannada as Ramachari (1991), in Telugu as Chanti (1992) which were block buster hits.


The story is set in the world of feudal landlords - Zamindars - whose word is law for the villagers who work on their land. The central plot goes like this: After the zamindar brothers who rule after the death of their parents are told by a holy man that their sister will bring disgrace on them by her marriage, they set out to shield her from even being seen by men, let alone touched by any of them. A village simpleton is employed as her bodyguard. But when he saves her life, she falls in love and gets him to tie a necklace around her neck. What he doesn't realize is that it is a wedding chain (Mangalsutra) and that in the eyes of God they are now married. The brothers react with violence when they realize what has happened...later they realize what they have done and apologize.The two lovers are united.They live happily ever after.The film was a musical blockbuster as the songs are remembered even today.



Year Film Language Cast Director
1991 Chinna Thambi Tamil Prabhu, Khusboo P. Vasu
1991 Ramachaari Kannada V. Ravichandran, Malashri D. Rajendra Babu
1992 Chanti Telugu Venkatesh, Meena, Nassar Raviraja Pinisetty

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