Anastasia of Serbia

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Saint Anastasija of Serbia
Ana Nemanjić
Света Анастасија
Ана Немањић
Grand Princess consort of Serbia
Tenure fl. 1196
Spouse Stefan Nemanja
House Grb Nemanjica.jpg Nemanjić
Died 1199/1200

Ana Nemanjić, also known as Saint Anastasija (Serbian: Ана Немањић, Света Анастасија) was the princess consort of the Serbian Principality as the wife of Stefan Nemanja (r. 1166–1196). She was of noble descent. Ana took monastic vows in 1196 and was baptized Anastasia, after Anastasia of Sirmium. Her feast day is June 22 (Julian calendar).

Her origins have never been concluded. Domentijan mentioned her as "a great princess, daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Romanos", only Romanos IV Diogenes ruled 1068–1071, making this geneaology impossible. Mavro Orbini mentioned her as a daughter of the Bosnian Ban, perhaps mixing her with the wife of Prince Miroslav, the sister of Ban Kulin. Rajić thought Ana was the daughter of Stefan Borić, although this is not supported by any sources.[1]

Marriage and descendants[edit]

Through the marriage with Stefan, they had three sons and three daughters:

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Royal titles
Title last held by
Anna Diogene
Princess consort of Serbia
Succeeded by
Eudokia Angelina