Ancestral Romance

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Ancestral Romance
Studio album by Dark Moor
Released 24 November 2010
Genre Power metal, symphonic metal, Progressive metal, neo-classical metal
Length 48:23
Label Scarlet Records
Dark Moor chronology
Ancestral Romance
Ars Musica

Ancestral Romance is the eighth full-length album by the Spanish power metal band Dark Moor, released on 24 November 2010.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Gadir" - 4:59
  2. "Love from the Stone" - 4:02
  3. "Alaric de Marnac" - 4:42
  4. "Mio Cid" - 6:39
  5. "Just Rock" - 2:35
  6. "Tilt at Windmills" - 5:19
  7. "Canción del Pirata" - 5:39
  8. "Ritual Fire Dance" - 3:58
  9. "Ah! Wretched Me" - 4:59
  10. "A Music in my Soul" - 7:31


  • "Canción del Pirata" means "Song of the Pirate" in Spanish and is based in a poem written by José de Espronceda.
  • "Ah! Wretched Me " is based on the "Life is a Dream" by Calderon de la Barca
  • "Tilt at Windmills" is based on Don Quixote de La Mancha
  • "Mio Cid " is inspired by the legend of the Spanish hero El Cid,
  • "Alaric de Marnac" is an adaptation of Paul Naschy's latest book of the same title
  • "Love From the Stone" tells of the legend of the lovers of Teruel
  • "Gadir" is inspired by the first city founded in Europe: Cádiz
  • "Ritual Fire Dance"is based on "Danza Ritual del Fuego" by Manuel de Falla, Spanish composer