Ancestry charts of the current British Royal Family (Descent from the Franks)

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All people are descended via various racial or ethnic lines of the antiquity, but in case of most, records do not exist. The British Royal Family is one of the few families, for whom ancestry can be traced to many notable lineages of the antiquity. They can be traced from Saxon, Scottish (Stuart dynasty), Welsh (Tudor dynasty), Irish, German (Hanover and Windsor), French (Norman and Angevin), Russian, Frank and perhaps even Byzantine lineages.

Descent from the Franks[edit]

Descent from the Franks (detailed)
 Charlemagne, King of the Franks, Holy Roman Emperor (c. 742–814)  Hildegard of Vinzgouw (758-783)
 Unknown  Pepin of Italy, King of Lombardy (777-810)  Bertha of ?Toulouse    Louis I the Pious, Holy Roman Emperor (778-840)  Judith of Bavaria (805–843)
 Bernard I of Italy, King of Lombardy (797-818)  Cunigunda of Laon    Aeda (Adelais)[1] (c. 798->810)  Billung, Princeps in Saxony[2]    Gisela (born 821)  Eberhard, Duke of Friuli (c. 815-866)
 Pepin, Count of Vermandois (b. c. 815)  Rothaide de Bobbio    Oda (c. 806-913)  Liudolf, Duke of Saxony (c. 805-864/866)    Ingeltrude (837/40-870)  Henry, Duke of Franconia (c. 830-886)    Berengar I of Italy (c. 845-924)  Bertila of Spoleto (c. 860-915)
 Herbert I, Count of Vermandois (c. 848/850-907)  Bertha de Morvois    Otto I the Illustrious, Duke of Saxony (c. 851-912)  Hedwiga    Gisela of Friuli (born 821)  Adalbert I, Margrave of Ivrea (d. 0923/24)
 Herbert II, Count of Vermandois and Troyes (884-943)  Hildebranda (Liégarde, renamed Adele) of France    Henry I the Fowler, Duke of Saxony, King of East Francia (876-936)  Matilda (877-968)    Berengar II, Margrave of Ivrea, King of Italy (c. 900–966)  Willa of Tuscany
 Robert of Vermandois, Count of Meaux (c. 920-967/68)  Adelaide-Werra de Châlon of Burgundy (920-967)    Gerberga of Saxony (c. 913-984)  Gilbert, Duke of Lorraine (c. 890-939)    Adalbert, King of Italy (c. 932-c. 975)  Gerberga of Mâcon
 Adele of Meaux (920-984)  Geoffrey I, Count of Anjou (c. 938/940-987)    Alberade of Lorraine (c. 929-973)  Renaud, Count of Roucy (c. 920-967)      
 Fulk III, Count of Anjou (972-1040)  Hildegarde of Sundgau    Ermengarde of Anjou (952-992)  Conan I, Count of Rennes, Duke of Brittany (927-992)    Ermentrude  Otto-William, Count of Burgundy and Mâcon (962-1026)
 Ermengarde of Anjou (c. 1018-1076)  Geoffrey II, Count of Gâtinais (d. 1043/46)    Judith of Brittany (982-1017)  Richard II the Good, Duke of Normandy (d. 1026)      
 Fulk IV, Count of Anjou (1043–1109)  Bertrade de Montfort (c. 1070-1117)    Robert I the Magnificent, Duke of Normandy (1000–1035)  Herleva of Falaise (c. 1003-c. 1050)    Alice (Adeliza) of Normandy (c. 1002-1038)  Reginald I, Count of Burgundy (986-1057)
 Fulk V, Count of Anjou, King of Jerusalem (1089/92-1143)  Ermengarde, Countess of Maine (d. 1126)    William I of England (c. 1028-1087)  Matilda of Flanders (c. 1031-1083)    William I, Count of Burgundy and Mâcon (1020–1087)  Stephanie of Metz (c. 1035-1109)
         Henry I of England (c. 1068-1135)  Matilda of Scotland (born Edith) (c. 1080-1118)    Ermentrude of Bourgogne (c. 1055-1105)  Theodoric I, Count of Montbéliard, Bar and Verdun (lord of Mousson as Theodoric II) (c. 1045-1105)
 Geoffrey V Plantagenêt, Count of Anjou (1113–1151)  Matilda of England (1102–1167)          Reginald I, Count of Bar, Lord of Mousson (c. 1090-1149)  Giselle of Vaudémont (c. 1090-c. 1126)
 Henry II of England (1133–1189)  Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122/24-1204)          Reginald II, Count of Bar, Lord of Mousson (died 1170)  Agnes of Champagne (d. 1207)
 John, King of England (1166–1216)  Isabella of Angoulême (c. 1188-1246)          Theobald I, Count of Bar and Louxembourg (c. 1158-1214)  Ermesinde (Isabella) of Bar-sur-Seine (c. 1158-c. 1192)
 Henry III of England (1207–1272)  Eleanor of Provence (c. 1223-1291)          Henry II, Count of Bar (1190–1239)  Philippa de Dreux (1192–1242)
 Beatrice of England, Countess of Richmond (1242–1275)  John II, Duke of Brittany (1239–1305)          Margaret of Bar (1220–1275)  Henry V, Count of Luxembourg (1216–1281)
 Marie of Brittany (1268–1339)  Guy III of Châtillon, Count of Saint Pol as Guy IV (c. 1254-1317)    Waleran I of Luxembourg, Lord of Ligny (died 1288)  Jeanne, Dame de Beauvoir (d. 1300)    Philippa of Luxembourg (1252–1311)  John II of Avesnes, Count of Hainaut and of Holland (1247–1304)
 John, Count of Saint-Pol (died 1344)  Jeanne de Fiennes    Waleran II, Lord of Ligny, Roussy and Beauvoir (1275–1354)  Guyotte of Haubourdin, Châtelaine de Lille (c. 1275-1338)    William I, Count of Hainaut (c. 1286-1337)  Joan of Valois (c. 1294-1342)
         John I, Lord of Ligny (c. 1305-1364)  Alix of Dampierre, dame de Richebourg (d. 1346)    Philippa of Hainault (1314–1369)  Edward III of England (1312–1377)
 Mahaut of Châtillon, Countess of Saint-Pol (1335–1378)  Guy I of Luxembourg-Ligny, Count of Saint-Pol as Guy VI and Count of Ligny, Lord of Roussy and Beauvoir (1340–1371)          Edmund of Langley, 1st Duke of York, 1st Earl of Cambridge (1341–1402)  Infanta Isabella of Castile (c. 1355-1392)
 John of Luxembourg, Lord of Beauvoir (1370–1397)  Marguerite d'Enghien, Countess of Brienne (b. 1365)          Richard of Conisburgh, 3rd Earl of Cambridge (c. 1375-1415)  Anne de Mortimer (1390–1411)
 Peter I of Luxembourg, Count of Saint-Pol, of Brienne, and of Conversano (1390–1433)  Margherita del Balzo (1394–1469)          Richard Plantagenêt, 3rd Duke of York, 6th Earl of March, 4th Earl of Cambridge, and 7th Earl of Ulster (1411–1460)  Cecily Neville (1415–1495)
 Jacquetta of Luxembourg (1415/16-1472)  Richard Woodville, 1st Earl Rivers (1405–1469)        
 Elizabeth Woodville (1437–1492)  Edward IV of England (1442–1483)
 Elizabeth of York (1466–1503)  Henry VII of England (1457–1509)


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