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The Ancient British Church in North America (The Autocephalous Glastonbury Rite in Diaspora) is a small body claiming to be Eastern Orthodox in Toronto to serve marginalised people who feel that they are rejected by the Eastern Orthodox community and the Roman Catholic Church.

The church was founded by its first presiding bishop, Jonathan Vartan Zotique (born Thomas William Brennand on 21 March 1946 in Toronto, Ontario). Zotique was originally ordained to minor orders by Archbishop Nelson D. Hillyer of the Old Roman Catholic Church of Ontario and in October 1970 he was ordained to both the diaconate and presbyterate by Bishop William Mark Plested. In April 1974 he travelled to France where he was consecrated by "Clement XV" (Michel Collin) before that bishop's death that same year, taking on the ecclesiastical name of Mar Zitikos at the time of his consecration. Zotique believed, but has no factual evidence to support his belief, that in 1958 Collin had received consecration from Mar Doreos (Dorian A. F. Herbert of Newport, Wales) the head of the Ancient British Church (Agnostic) and wished to established a similar church in Canada and the USA. On 12 September 1976, Mar Zitikos was sub-conditione consecrated by Archbishop Boniface Grosvold of the Old Roman Catholic Church of Canada (Latin Rite). In August 1989 he consecrated two bishops and an abbot-bishop for the Ancient British Church in North America while he was briefly residing in Victoria, British Columbia. Bishop Zotique died on 3 June 1998 in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Its clergy are self-employed, independent Franciscans, members of the Celtic-Catholic Culdee Community of Orthodox Monks, Hermits, Missionaries, and Evangelists of the Old Church of the Blessed Virgin, St. Mary of Glastonbury (Our Lady of Avalon), in Diaspora. Men and women are accepted for ordination to the priesthood.

Apostolic succession of Mar Zitikos[edit]

Andrew Charles Albert McLaglen (Mar Andries I of Claremont) (1851-1928) who consecrated on 4 June 1922

Herbert James Monzani Heard (Mar Jacobus II of Selsey) (1866-1947) who consecrated on 13 June 1943

William Bernard Crow (Mar Basilius Abdullah III) (1895-1976) who consecrated on 10 April 1944

Hugh George de Willmott Newman (Mar Georgius of Glastonbury) (1905-1979) who consecrated on 5 December 1944

Dorian Auguste Flint Herbert (Mar Doreos of Caerleon) (1889-1965) (originally consecrated on 24 October 1937 as Mar Frederick of Caerleon by Bishop Frederick Charles Aloysius Harrington of the Orthodox Keltic Church) who consecrated in 1958

Michel Collin (Clement XV) (1905-1974) who consecrated in April 1974

Jonathan Vartan Zotique (Mar Zitikos of Toronto) (1946-1998)

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