And I Love You So (Don McLean album)

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And I Love You So (UK Release)
Studio album by Don McLean
Released 1989
Genre Rock
Label EMI
Don McLean chronology
For the Memories Vols I & II
And I Love You So (UK Release)

And I Love You So is an album released by Don McLean in 1989 on EMI Records.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Mountains O'Mourne"
  2. "Birthday Song"
  3. "Your Cheating Heart"
  4. "It Doesn't Matter Anymore"
  5. "Since I Don't Have You"
  6. "He's Got You"
  7. "But She Loves Me"
  8. "Superman's Ghost"
  9. "Everyday"
  10. "#"Love in My Heart"
  11. "Eventually"
  12. "The Touch Of Her Hand"
  13. "And I Love You So"
  14. "Castles in the Air"
  15. "Empty Chairs"
  16. "Crying"
  17. "Don't Burn the Bridge"
  18. "Going For The Gold"