Regional Government of Andalusia

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Regional Government of Andalusia
Junta de Andalucía
Juntadeandalucia transparent.svg
Seal of the Junta of Andalusia
Collective institutions overview
Formed 1981
Jurisdiction Andalusia
Headquarters Palace of San Telmo
Minister responsible Susana Díaz, President

The Regional Government of Andalusia[1] (Junta de Andalucía, in Spanish) is the institution which organizes the self-government of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. It consists of the Parliament of Andalusia, the President of the Government of Andalusia and the Government Council. The budgets of 2011 ascended to 31,68 billion euros, and it has about 500,000 public employees, counting state workers in Andalusia and Andalusia's workers.


The generic symbol is a synthesis of the shield, with attributes of modernity and dynamism. It contains, of synthetic form, the elements defining of the shield of Andalusia:

  • The Flag in the shape of round green arch, expands turning into waves that are projected towards the exterior.
  • Hercules centers in a triangle, aesthetic figure, which as a compass appears in the northern part.

With this symbology the new Andalusia of progress is represented, in movement and in direct communication with the citizens, being also present in the Organisms, Entities and Public Companies that it manages or in whom it takes part, as well as in the heritage that it supports, making his action of government clear.



The Parliament of Andalusia is the Legislative Assembly of the Autonomous Community. The main functions of the Parliament are to enact, amend or repeal laws and the appointment and removal of the President of the Regional Government of Andalusia. It is composed by deputies chosen by means of universal direct suffrage, which represent the Andalusian people. The Parliament of Andalusia was constituted in 1982, after the approval of the Statute of Autonomy in 1981. Its current headquarters in the former Hospital of Five Sores in Seville


The President of the Regional Government of Andalusia is the supreme representative of the Autonomous Community and the ordinary representative of the State in the same one; his choice takes place for the favorable vote of the absolute majority of the Plenary session of the Parliament of Andalusia and his appointment corresponds to the king.

Government Council[edit]

The Government Council is the political organ and administrative Superior of the Community, to whom there corresponds the exercise of the regulation legal authority and the performance of the executive and administrative function of the Junta of Andalusia. It is composed by the President of the Regional Government of Andalusia, who presides at it, and by the Counselors named by him to take charge of the diverse Departments (Conserjerías). The Government Council meets habitually every Tuesday.


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