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Anders Andersen (October 22, 1846, Jevnaker – September 1, 1931, Røyken) was a saw mill worker who participated in forming the Norwegian Labour Party. He lived in Arendal and was member of a recently founded local labour group called Samhold when he somewhat coincidentally became the first party leader in 1887.[1]

The labour group Samhold soon after ceased to exist due to local circumstances and it wasn´t represented at the next party congress. Andersen moved to Røyken where he was a union activist and a member of the municipal council. Not even among his colleagues in Røyken was it commonly known that he had been the first leader of the Labour Party. After his death the Labour Party costed a headstone on his grave. The headstone has later been moved to Kistefos museum.[2] He is honored every May 1.[3]


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