Anders Winroth

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Anders Winroth
Winroth anders download 1.jpg
Fields History
Institutions Yale University
Alma mater Stockholm University, Columbia University
Doctoral advisor Robert Somerville
Other academic advisors Sir James Knott
Notable awards MacArthur Fellows Program

Anders Winroth (born 1965 in Ludvika in Sweden) is a professor of medieval history at Yale University.


After graduation from Stockholm University, Winroth did his master's and doctoral studies at Columbia University under Robert Somerville, followed by postdoctoral research at the University of Newcastle, where he was the Sir James Knott Research Fellow.[1]

Professor Winroth specializes in the history of "medieval Europe, especially religious, intellectual and legal history as well as the Viking Age. He teaches both halves of the survey lecture course in medieval history, seminars in religious, legal, intellectual, and Scandinavian history."[2]

He worked on the Decretum of Gratian and discovered that the original version, the so-called "first recension," was only about half the size of the commonly known text. Winroth also has a strong interest in Swedish genealogy.

Winroth was a 2003 MacArthur Fellow.



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