Anderson–Jerome Avenues (IRT Ninth Avenue Line)

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Anderson–Jerome Avenues
New York City Subway rapid transit station
Station statistics
Borough The Bronx
Coordinates 40°49′51″N 73°55′38″W / 40.8307292°N 73.9273265°W / 40.8307292; -73.9273265Coordinates: 40°49′51″N 73°55′38″W / 40.8307292°N 73.9273265°W / 40.8307292; -73.9273265
Line IRT Ninth Avenue Line
Services None
Platforms 1 island platform
Tracks 2
Other information
Opened July 1, 1918; 96 years ago (1918-07-01)
Closed August 31, 1958; 56 years ago (1958-08-31)
Station succession
Next north 167th Street
Next south Sedgwick Avenue

Anderson–Jerome Avenues was an elevated station on the Bronx extension of the IRT Ninth Avenue Line. The station was built in 1918 and in use by the Polo Grounds Shuttle from 1940 until 1958.[1] The reinforced concrete station structure extended from the end of the tunnel from the Sedgwick Avenue station over Jerome Avenue. The tunnel emerges from the basement of an apartment building on Anderson Avenue. A portion of the island platform is in the tunnel. The station had entrances at each end of the structure on each side of Jerome Avenue and Anderson Avenue. The entire structure was on a private Right-of-Way (PROW). The structure east of the station was a two track steel structure north of 162nd Street that curved north to ramp up to the IRT Jerome Avenue Line elevated structure on River Ave. The ramp was built integrally with the Jerome Avenue Line structure and remains to the curve stub. An IRT electric substation is north of the curve stub.


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