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Andhra Christian College
A C College
Latin: Collegium Andhra Christianus
Motto Latin: Et Cognoscetis Veritatem Et Veritas Liberabit Vos. English: ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.
Established 1885
Type College
Chancellor President, Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church(AELC)
Principal Dr P Mutyam
Location Guntur City, Andhra Pradesh, India
16°17′47.8″N 80°26′33.1″E / 16.296611°N 80.442528°E / 16.296611; 80.442528Coordinates: 16°17′47.8″N 80°26′33.1″E / 16.296611°N 80.442528°E / 16.296611; 80.442528
Campus Urban

The Andhra Christian College or A.C. College, is one of the oldest colleges started in 1885 India. AC College is part of the educational enterprise of the Protestant churches. The college admits intermediate, under-graduate and graduate students and awards degrees through the Acharya Nagarjuna University, Nagarjunanagar to which it is affiliated.

Saint George is the patron saint of the College. At the entrance of the college a statue of the patron saint's image slaying the dragon is found.

Elected officials of the Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church administer the college.


In Latin, the college motto is Et Cognoscetis Veritatem Et Veritas Liberabit Vos English translation "Ye shall know the truth: and the truth shall set you free".[1]


It was established in 1885 in Guntur City, one of the first colleges in India to offer graduate programs. Missionaries from the U.S.A of the Protestant traditions established the college.

The then United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA) through Rev. Fr. John Christian Frederick Heyer (known as Father Heyer) established the Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church on 31 July 1842[2]


Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church (AELC) through its Board of Education administers the college.

The college consists of three entities:

  • Day College
  • Evening College
  • College of Law

Courses offered[edit]

Main campus


Pre-university or Intermediate courses are offered by the college. The college is affiliated to the Board of Intermediate Education, Hyderabad, a regulatory authority for pre-university courses in Andhra Pradesh.

The following course combinations are available:

Graduate programmes[edit]

Post-graduate programmes[edit]

Master of Science (M.Sc.) Chemistry and Zoology

Notable alumni[edit]



  • Dewan Bahadur T. S. Paulus[3]





Victor Premasagar, the Old Testament Scholar who went on to study at the University of Cambridge

Cameo appearance[edit]

Pilla Zamindar, a Telugu movie, was filmed in the college. The college was named Mangamma memorial college in the movie.


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