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Coordinates: 40°45′N 72°10′E / 40.750°N 72.167°E / 40.750; 72.167

Andijan Region
Andijon viloyati
Country Uzbekistan
Capital Andijan
Area 4,200 km2 (1,622 sq mi)
Population 2,756,400 (2013)
Density 452 / km2 (1,171 / sq mi)
ISO 3166-2 UZ-AN

Andijan Region (Uzbek: Andijon viloyati / Андижон вилояти) is a viloyat (province) of Uzbekistan, located in the eastern part of the Fergana Valley in far eastern Uzbekistan. It borders with Kyrgyzstan, Fergana Region and Namangan Region. It covers an area of 4,200 km2. The population is estimated to be around 2,756,400 [1] thus making Andijan Region the most densely populated province of Uzbekistan.

The name Andijan has originated form of the Persian word of اندکان Andakan. [2] The traditional etymology connects the name with the Turk, ethnonim Gandhi (Gandhi Turks), known from pre-Islamic period.[3]

Andijan Region is divided into 14 administrative districts. The capital is the city of Andijan (pop est 350,000 inhabitants). Other major cities include Asaka (Leninsk), Xonobod, Shahrixon (Moscovskiy), and Qorasuv.

The climate is a typically continental climate with extreme differences between winter and summer temperatures.

Natural resources include deposits of petroleum, natural gas, ozokerite and limestone. As with other regions of Uzbekistan, it is famous for its very sweet melons and watermelons, but cultivation of crops can be accomplished exclusively on irrigated lands. Main agriculture includes cotton, cereal, viticulture, cattle raising and vegetable gardening.

Industry includes metal processing, chemical industry, light industry, food processing. The first automobile assembly plant in Central Asia was opened in Asaka in Andijan Province by the Uzbek-Korean joint venture, UzDaewoo, which produces Nexia and Tico cars and the Damas minibus.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Districts of Andijan
District name District capital
1 Andijan District Kuyganyor
2 Asaka District Asaka
3 Baliqchi District Baliqchi
4 Bo‘z District Bo‘z
5 Buloqboshi District Buloqboshi
6 Izboskan District Paytug‘
7 Jalalquduq District Oxunboboyev
8 Xo‘jaobod District Xo‘jaobod
9 Qo‘rg‘ontepa District Qo‘rg‘ontepa
10 Marhamat District Marhamat
11 Oltinko‘l District Oltinko‘l
12 Paxtaobod District Paxtaobod
13 Shahrixon District Shahrixon
14 Ulug‘nor District Oqoltin


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