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André Hunger alias Speed Dreamer® & ÆRO (born 26 September 1977 in Karl-Marx-Stadt) is a German artist, designer and architect.

"AERO" Project: "The Great Escape I"


In his youth Hunger worked on motorbikes, restored vintage cars and perfected his own constructions. From the age of 10 his sport was motorcycle trials. He went on to Supermoto and took part in 24 hour endurance racing.

There followed a period of organizing and presenting television productions. Among these were the recent ‘World’s strongest man: Manfred Höberl' event, the Bundesliga football competition and various concerts. He established an agency, and coached his own racing team as well as other performance sports people, for whom he also undertook marketing. Since 2000, Hunger has owned a Contemporary art gallery. His specialty is art within construction and town planning, a subject on which he has lectured.

Increasingly, Hunger began to grapple with ‘organic architecture’. An autodidact, Hunger showed a flair for trend-setting concepts and worldview compositions. His forward-looking organic architecture gave him an, at times, controversial name in the field. In 2002 he designed his first museum lay-out. After this came designs for an exclusive office building (2002) and a VIP resort in Manama/Bahrain coinciding with the new Formula One racing track (2003).

In 2004 Hunger founded a design lab in Berlin in which he creates pure design as well as new products and technology. 2005 saw the realization of a limited series of a sports car sculpture – “Supersonic”. And in the same year an aerodynamic sculpture entitled "green coast" was designed, which resembled a bottle and covered 7 floors of living space, a carbon fiber skin forming its shell. At this time Hunger also formed the newspaper “Heartbreaker Planet”.

Since 2005/2006 Hunger is working on his largest, interactive sculpture with the working title “Heartbreaker”. Probably in a time zone 2012/14 this art exhibition will be on show, uniting the worlds of racing, art, event and entertainment. One of the items inside the work is an interactive racing track which the public will be able to walk on with audiovisual and “sense and touch” experiences of the world of racing. After a premiere in a competing startdestination the exhibition will tour the world for 2 years.

Since 2009, during his last time in Berlin, Hunger is working also on another touring project: "The Intercontinental Echoslide". A worldwide traveling exhibition sculpture. In the same period he authored his movable, dismantle living sculpture "ORÉ" and his André Hunger World Citizen Foundation. A fusion concept for a new creative school between interbeing and world citizenship. For this project he creates the concept and organic schoolbuilding, also a tender conglomeration of various aerodynamic, moving living sculptures named "multivoltine" over 7 floors for the community of international scholars.

André Hunger sees himself as an artistic ambassador for a way of global thinking, and as a futurist. His photographic works feature the repeated theme of fusion of man and machine. André Hunger lives and works mainly in Europe and the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean .

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