André Oktay Dahl

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André Oktay Dahl

André Oktay Dahl (born 7 July 1975 in Lørenskog) is a Norwegian politician representing the Conservative Party. He is currently a representative of Akershus in the Storting and was first elected in 2005. He was a reserve candidate in the two previous periods, having taken Jan Petersen's seat while Petersen was a cabinet minister.

Dahl is a former victim of child sexual abuse,[1] and he is also openly gay.[2] In January 2008 he made harsh accusations against controversial Norwegian defense attorney Tor Erling Staff who was then defense attorney for the suspected Pocket Man, a Norwegian pedophile predator.[1] Attorney Staff had asserted that the bulk of the cases with which his client is charged amount to mere "peanuts". Dahl's position was that by downplaying the severity of the abuse, Staff in fact victimized the victims again.

Storting committees[edit]

  • 2005–2009 member of the Law committee.
  • 2001–2005 member of the Control and Constitution committee.


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