André Di Mauro

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André Di Mauro
Born André Felippe Di Mauro
October 27, 1964
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Occupation Actor

André Felippe Di Mauro (Rio de Janeiro, October 27, 1964) is a Brazilian actor. He appears frequently in movies and on TV. He appears in the film "Elite Squad". He was in the Brazilian version of Desperate Housewives as the character Mike Delfino. André Di Mauro also works at Record Television, among his works we can highlight "Lipe" at "Chamas da Vida" and "Carlos" at Vidas em Jogo (International Title: Jackpot!). These TV novel was transmitted to 158 different countries around the world. André Di Mauro speaks English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.





  • 2004 : "O Incorruptível" by Helder Costa
  • 2003 : "Personalíssima" .... Galvão (by Júlio Ficher, Directed by Jaqueline Lawrence, Produced by Rosamaria Murtinho)
  • 1997/1998 : "Hilda Furacão"( 1997/98) .... Frei Malthus (by Roberto Drummond, Directed by Marcelo Andrade)
  • 1995/1996 : "The Rocky Horror Show" .... Brad (by Richard O'Brien, Directed by Jorge Fernando) (Prêmio Sharp, Prêmio Cultura Inglesa e Prêmio SATED)
  • 1993/1994 "Spring Awakening" ("Despertar da Primavera") .... Mel (by Frank Wedekind, version by Tiago Santiago, Directed by Rogério Fabiano)
  • 1991 : "Entre O Neon e a Lua lá de Casa" (by André Di Mauro, Directed by Anselmo Vasconcelos)
  • 1988 : “Uma Só Andorinha Não Faz Verão“(by Giulliano Nandi, Directed by Márcio Meireles, Produced by Ítala Nandi)
  • 1987 : “A Bela Adormecida”.... Prince Felipe (by Fernando Berditcheviski, Produced by Mírian Rios)
  • 1986 : “A Streetcar Named Desire" ("Um Bonde Chamado Desejo”) (By Tennessee Williams, Directed by Maurice Vaneu, produced by Tereza Rachel)
  • 1985 : “Os Doze Trabalhos de Hécules - Part 2 (by Monteiro Lobato, Directed by Carlos Wilson, Produced by Tablado)
  • 1984 : “Azul” (by André Di Mauro, Produced by Fábio Barreto)
  • 1983 : “Os Doze Trabalhos de Hécules - Parte 1 (by Monteiro Lobato, Directed by Carlos Wilson, Produced by Tablado)
  • 1982 : “Vai e Vem” (by André Di Mauro, Directed by Marco Antônio Palmeira, Produced by Artimanhas D'Arte)
  • 1981 : “Vira- Avesso” (by André Di Mauro, Directed by Milton Dobbin) - Prêmio INACEN (Instituto Nacional de Artes Cênicas) - Troféu Mambembe - Category: Revelação como Ator e Autor * Prêmio Moliére de Teatro - Category: Especial

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